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Lotion – Tanning lotion is essential in the overall tanning process because it promotes a healthier tan with assistance of botanicals and extracts. Many lotions are full of vitamins, botanicals, essential oils, and anti-oxidants, which help restore depleted moisture and assist the skin in achieving a better color faster. Just as foods heal lotions promote a better tan and skin.


BronzerBronzers come in many forms DHA, Natural, Erythrulose, etc. DHA and Erythrulose are a carbohydrate, that has a natural ability to dye the skin. These sugars react with the amino acids of the keratin found in the skins upper layer. The reaction, which is completely natural and nontoxic, creates a temporary browning effect on these skin cells. The color change resembles the same color a UV-based suntan produces. This is excellent for those with fair skin that want to reach a level of color not obtainable from tanning alone.

Cooling – Cooling tanning lotions contain special cooling ingredients that counteract the heat of tanning by drawing warmth away from the skin. Cooling lotions can be refreshing for those who tend to get hot in tanning beds. They also assist in a better tan.

Gel – If you have oily skin, a gel provides easy quick absorbing application without extra oil that can clog pores.

Hemp – Nourishing Hemp Seed Oil is the closest oil to lanolin produced by the skin. This nourishing and hydrating beneficial ingredient provides skin with a highly evolved balance of essential fatty acids, amino acids, and vital nutrients. Hemp assists in UV penetration.

Mousse – Mousse can come in pump or aerosol foam that goes thick and dries quickly.

Oil – Hydrating oil is offers easy application and smooths dry skin. Many tanners have dry skin and tanning products with oil penetrate deep into the skin providing essential moisture and hydration needed when tanning.

Shimmer – A cosmetic enhancer, Shimmer accentuates tanning results with a radiant glow.

Spray – Spray tanning products can be applied in a fine mist, spray pump or aerosol.

Tingle – For Experienced Tanners only. These lotions are formulated with Methyl or Benzyl Nicotinate, two ingredients that can bring more oxygen into the skin and increase melanin Tingle lotions are the most intense heated type of tanning lotions on the market that stimulate and increase microcirculation of the skin for greater, more intense tanning results. When applied to the skin, the Tingle lotion increases the circulation of blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin, which affects the production of melanin (the pigment that gives your skin its color) in the body. The more melanin is affected, the darker your skin turns, thus resulting in a darker tan. Tingle products are available in varying degrees of intensity and are recommended for the advanced tanner only. Please do not apply a tingle lotion to the face.