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Bronzed Goddess / Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion (Tan Inc) 10 Packets Deal

Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion (Tan Inc) 10 Packets Deal


Each Packet comes from Tan Incorporated with 0.75 ounce Size per packet

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Bronzer – This feature is found in accelerators and maximizer lotions. It is a sunless self-tanner that is mixed into the lotion for instant results. The trick is to give the immediate illusion of bronzed skin while your skin underneath develops a tan and plays catch up. Packets are a variety and contain variety or the types of bronzers listed below.

– Cosmetic Bronzer: Immediate and temporary results with cosmetic color (DHA-free).
– DHA Bronzers: Delayed DHA Bronzers produce color results within four hours and typically last up to seven days.
– Natural Bronzer: Utilizes natural tanning ingredients, such as Caramel, Henna, and Black Walnut. These ‘bronzers’ are streak free, cosmetic-free, and DHA-free.

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