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Bronzed Goddess / Legere Pharmaceuticals MY-B-TABS (90 Tablets) **Limited Sale**

Legere Pharmaceuticals MY-B-TABS (90 Tablets) **Limited Sale**

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  • Ingredients: Each flavored sublingual tablet contains – Adenosine (AMP) 25 mg, B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 50mcg, Folic Acid 10 mcg

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Manufactured 09/2020 Good til 9/2024

Legere Pharmaceuticals MY-B-TABS TABLETS 90 tablets

Legere Pharmacueticals MY-B-TABS – Combat low energy and fatigue. For any cell in the body to exist it must produce its own energy in order to maintain basic metabolic functions. Such as taking up and utilizing nutrients, synthesizing new proteins, and discarding waste material. In response to systemic cellular energy deficits, the organism first encounters health disorders and will then die. Most of the cellular energy is produced in the form of adenosine triphosphate(ATP) from structures in the cell called mitochondria.  Diseases of aging are often referred to as “mitochondrial disorders”:  As mitochondrial function weakens in the cells, lowering energy production, so does the vitality of the organs such as the heart and brain.

Sublingual Adenosine – Product No. 1043
Ingredients: Each flavored sublingual tablet contains – Adenosine (AMP) 25 mg., B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 50mcg., Folic Acid 10 mcg.
Bottle Contents: 90 Tablets
Adenosine is a naturally occurring cellular metabolite. It is one of the four-purine nucleotides responsible for protein synthesis. Researchers, such as Dr. Harvey Sklar, found Adenosine very useful in treating indications such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Multiple Sclerosis, Obesity, and Herpes disorders and to improve energy levels. Adenosine is a safe, natural substance and it is derived from natural sources. Adenosine has been on the market for over 50 years.  My-B-Tabs™ are a sublingual tablet with fruit flavoring. The addition of B-12 and folic acid compliment the formula. The most effective method of administration is sublingual (under the tongue); however, those who have difficulties taking it sublingually may chew it.
For over 50 years, Adenosine Monophosphate has been published in conjunction with the following uses:
•Herpes Simplex
•Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
•Labialiss Zoster
•Immune System
•Epstein Barr Virus
•Multiple Sclerosis
•Nervous System
•Bursitis, Tendonitis, Tenosynovitis
•Sleep Patterns
•Chronic Thrombophlebitis

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90 Tabs

7 reviews for Legere Pharmaceuticals MY-B-TABS (90 Tablets) **Limited Sale**

  1. admin

    Amazing supplement for fibromyalgia, nerve pain, fatigue and weight loss!

    Adenosine monophosphate is the key ingredient I was looking for also known as myoden (was available in injections and still available in spray). This supplement combined it with b12 and folic acid…and the combo is awesome for weight loss! But…If you are someone like me who is suffering with pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia, you need to try this. I have been taking the active ingredient for 6 months and have had fantastic energy, a huge decrease in pain and have lost 70 lbs! When I take these tabs under my tounge, the effects are almost immidiate. I feel energized and my muscles start to relax. Its obviously balancing something my body is difficent in because I struggle with fatigue and this gives me energy while others who struggle with insomnia it helps them sleep. This is probably the most amazing and effective supplement I have ever taken. I feel 10 times better now. If I could give it 10 stars I would!

  2. admin

    It is a good product and did help me sleep a little better. It has a bad aftertaste, but it is not too bad. Dr. Teitlebaum recommends this supplement for his patients that have energy and sleep problems. I am sure that one needs to take this supplement as indicated for some time since sufficient blood levels of the main ingredient need to be present.

  3. admin

    Excellent supplement for sleep. This supplement contains adenosine monophosphate, which is very helpful for those of us with sleep issues. My-B Tabs were formulated for chronic fatigue syndrome.

  4. admin

    To my surprise this has helped me sleep at night. I say surprise, because B vitamins usually keep me up at night. Who would have thought that b vitamins help you sleep better

  5. admin

    Very easy way to get your B-12. Just pop one in your mouth and let it melt away. Works Great!

  6. admin

    Been using for two days.. usually extreme fatigue from Sjogrens and SIBO.. but energy is great, and really has made a difference!

  7. admin

    I use them for insomnia–they seem to be working

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