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Bronzed Goddess / Midnight Maui 13.5oz

Midnight Maui 13.5oz

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Double Shot 400X Bronzer Black Pearl & Peptide Illuminator

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Midnight Maui Double Shot 400X Bronzer

Black Pearl & Peptide Illuminator
This spell of the islands lasts long after the clock strikes twelve. The secrets of Maui’s sun, sand and surf transport body & mind to this island paradise, your goddess glow making every moment a photo perfect event you’ll want to capture forever “Midnight Maui”.
  • Double Shot 400X bronzing evokes a bronze worthy of an island goddess
  • Black Pearl and Peptide Illuminator bestows skin an exotic island glow that gets your tan noticed
  • “Inktuition” tattoo enhancing complex helps your favorite body art shine bright and colorful.
  • Fragrance: Mandarin Maui Colada

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13.5 oz


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