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Super Energy

Legere Pharmaceuticals SUPER ENERGY

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Legere Pharmaceuticals SUPER ENERGY

About the product

Ingredients: Each tablet contains: Korean Ginseng – 100 mg, Niacin 20 mg, B12 (Cobalamin) – 100 mcg, Folic Acid – 50 mcg, Vitamin C – 50 mg, Guarana Extract – 500 mg, Potassium Gluconate – 500 mg, Bee Pollen – 100 mg.

A balanced combination of Korean Ginseng, Guarana, Bee Pollen, B12, Folic Acid and Vitamin C.

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60 Tabs

6 reviews for Legere Pharmaceuticals SUPER ENERGY

  1. admin

    Love this product.

  2. admin

    Since we are in the older-than-s**t phase of life, sometimes we don’t have the energy in the morning to get going. We have been taking one tablet of Super Energy now for over four months and I must say it gives you the little push you need. It does not make one jittery or cause any negative side effects and the “gentle push” lasts for hours. We take it first thing in the morning and its provides just enough go-go to last several hours. Highly recommend for anyone looking for some vim, vigor and vitality w/o side effects.

  3. admin

    It’s is true…..I totally understand why it is called “Super Energy” which I needed so badly! It does exactly what it called and the super energy I get is totally super duper energy! Thank you will be purchasing it again! I love all your products that I have been purchasing for several months!

  4. admin

    They are working great for both me and my husband. Been taking them for several months,we have more energy since we started them. No side effects or wired feelings from them, one every morning.

  5. admin

    Love this product.. been using it for over a year .. I get a boost but no shakiness..

  6. admin

    Keeps you energetic without that jittery feeling.

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