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The Benefits of Tanning Lotions

Most professional tanning lotions are available at Tanning Salons or Salons with a licensed “brick and mortar store” with online retail. What are aware of the benefits of using lotions when tanning? If you are one of those people that rub suntan lotion on yourself before you go out in the sun and don’t know why, we are going to share the benefits of using lotions while tanning on this page.


When you are tanning exposure to UV light can dehydrate your skin. Tanning lotions contain moisturizers, essential oils, botanical extracts, antioxidants, and other ingredients prevent skin from drying out and also protect skin from wrinkles and elasticity loss.

Get a base Tan Faster

Tanning lotions accelerate the tanning process and contain useful ingredients the work synergistically with UV light. This is done by delivering nutrients and vitamins that accelerate the tanning process. I you have sensitive skin and plan on using a product that accelerates the tanning process, make sure that you limit the amount of time you spend exposing your skin to ultraviolet light. Gradullay increasing is the safer better tanning option than going all out on the first attempt, you can cause skin damage and or burn quickly.

Longer-Lasting Darker Tan

Most tanning lotions are designed to enhance the production of melanin. Some lotions like tingles are designed to help increase blood flow to the skin which brings more melanin to the surface. More melanin means a darker, longer lasting tan.

The bottom line – never use a tanning product before your skin is ready for it. Visit your local tanning salon and check out their selections but make sure the indoor tanning lotions are fresh and from a reputable source. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by tanning salon and one of their knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you and provide you with more information. Remember, it is beneficial to use indoor tanning lotions to promote and accelerate the tanning process but it should not be rushed to the point of becoming a bigger risk – lotions and oils that are not specifically made for indoor tanning will ruin the acrylics in tanning beds and may also increases the chances of developing skin cancer prematurely. As always, tan wisely and always use eye protection. Happy tanning!