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What Does Tingle Do?

Tingle products deliver a warming, reddening effect on the skin. Tingle products increase the skin cell’s microcirculation and oxygenation to produce deep, dark tanning results. Tingles are for your advanced tanners and are not recommend for beginning tanners or individuals with sensitive skin. Tingle products are also affective on hard-to-tan areas such as women’s legs. As with all tigle products, extra care should be taken when hanling children and pets as the reddening effect could be transferred to skin even hours after use

Got a Reaction?

You might be tempted to use water but don’t. Water
will reactivate the tingle. Instead try using a
product with aloe to neutralize the sensation.

– After sun products help relieve tingle feeling


This is a special type of lotion that many refer to as a level three product. However, some companies have different methods of naming the levels of their products. Tingle lotions are usually found in maximizers and it contains chemicals that cause reddening and increase blood flow to the skin. They are available in heated and cooled formulas and act to speed up the repair process of skin causing it to tan faster. Tingle can be very uncomfortable for many people although use over time does help one build up a tolerance to it. These lotions should not be used on sensitive skin as some people are just simply not able to tolerate it.

Body Blush

Very similar to tingle but without the heat and prickly feeling. These lotions are especially made for people who want the effect of tingle but have sensitive skin and a low tolerance for tingle.


These ingredient has properties and vitamins that protect the skin from premature aging. Also aids in keeping the skin supple and firm.


This added feature give the skin a luminous glow. Some will have a glittery look. Shimmer lotions add dimension to your bronzed color.


Added to lotions to help reduce puffiness and energize the skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Caffeine should not be used by people on caffeine free diets or sensitive to caffeine. It does absorb into the body.

Beta Carotene or Retinyl Palmitate

Vitamin A that supports pigment coloration of the skin.

Vitamin E or Tocopheryl

This ingredient renews and softens the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.